Hansel and Gretel : The Magical Adventure – On Stage (The Unforgettable Moments)


          Hansel and Gretel (Musicale) that is known by everyone and a very satisfying, extremely awesome, creatively entertainment, to the highest level on stage story-play, is needed to be watch by each of us (everyone). Yes, it’s a Children’s literature, and yes it’s already watched by most of us. But, even though it’s already watched, it is not bad to remembering your younger times; and applicable for all ages.

            Hansel and Gretel, to those who don’t know them well, in summary, are siblings who were given a task by their mother to get strawberries which was gotten lost in the middle of dark-creepy forest. Wherein, the cobble-witch lives there. As the witch sees Hansel and Gretel, the witch tries to make them a ginger-bread and going eat them as her meal. But the witch didn’t success in her plan. The result was reversely different, for the witch turns into a ginger-bread than Hansel and Gretel does. Hence, Hansel, Gretel, their family, and all of the villagers and magical creatures were live peacefully and happily.

            This story is very remarkable in our history especially in Western countries and it is still known in our present time. Because, it is not only for entertainment, but also, it can get values and a lessons to individuals. In addition, it is one of the famous fairy tale and children’s literature that is made of Grimm’s work of all time.

            As I reflected, the Hansel and Gretel taught me lessons that I’ll never forget, and that is being responsible and obedient. These two human behaviors are connected to each other. It leads to be a respectful person to someone else and especially to elders and parents, and also to yourself. And I am very grateful that I’ve joined and went through the journey that I ever wanted to come (the theater play). And that’s it, this is the time. But as Hansel and Gretel, it’s not the end of my or our journey.  Because the journey won’t last long, for it is eternity.

            As I concluded, Hansel and Gretel taught many people, especially children, to be a kind, responsible, obedient, and all the good things, persons. And for sure, that kindness is the winner and always the winner at the end of evilness.

(M.C. Culminas, Repertory Philippines, 2016)